ERuDict v1.1
english-russian dictionary, full pack

ERuDict v1.2
english-russian dictionary, executable only

Download essential files to read and write in Russian on Amiga
this archive contains fonts, keymaps, and keymap switcher just unpack and put files to respective directories

TeSty v1.0.22
A program for stylIng tExt in DiFFeReNT ways using characters' tables

XAD clients desctiption in Russian.

Insomnia #1 announcement intro

Insomnia #1

Insomnia #2 announcement intro

Insomnia #2

Insomnia #3


AmigaGuide syntax file 1.0 for EditPlus.

M680x0 Assembler syntax file 1.2 for EditPlus.

AmiBlitz / BlitzBasic syntax file 1.0 for EditPlus

Amiga LZX format file 1.0 for Far Manager.

UnSEU 1.1 beta
Serials 2000 updates (SEU) encrypting/decrypting tool


Serials 2000 updates download page